This article describes all the different kinds of environmental objects that the player can interact with in Ecstatica II, be it doors, levers or entirely different things altogether. Ecstatica II features a large amount of these objects, many of which are far less self-explanatory than anything found in the original game.

Note: This article is exclusively about interactive objects found in the environment. For items and equipment that the hero can pick up or wear please refer to this article.

Doors Edit

Like in almost any action adventure game there are many doors to be found in Ecstatica II, some of which require some effort or special conditions to be fulfilled before they can be opened.

Regular Doors Edit

Most doors are regular wooden doors. They can be opened by simply hitting them several times with either attack until they blow open. While enemies won't intentionally attack doors all by themselves they can accidentally hit them and even blow them open while attacking the hero, especially if he is on the opposite side of the door.

Locked Doors Edit

Some doors have locks with keyholes on them which means that they cannot be opened without using the corresponding key which is always located somewhere nearby. Once the hero has the right key he simply needs to approach the door in order to unlock it.

Note that locks can sometimes also be found on objects other than doors and have a different effect such as making a lever usable.

Red Doors Edit

Some doors are marked with black triangles with a bright red dot in the middle. These doors are magically sealed and will only open to someone wearing the Medallion.

Blue Doors Edit

Some doors are painted blue and marked with a golden ring. They are magically sealed and will only open to someone wearing the Ring.

Crystal Balls Edit


While the priestess cannot actively aid the hero she will guide him as well as she can with the help of crystal balls. Crystal balls are usually found in the vicinity of Eldersign pieces and inactive until the hero has performed a specific task such as picking up an Eldersign piece or killing one of the bosses. Crystal balls gain a yellow glow once they are active and can then be activated by pressing the space bar. Once that happens the priestess appears and tells the hero about the upcoming challenges, often in a rather cryptic manner. Every message can be played an infinite number of times.

Stoup Edit

The stoup is a unique object which can be found in the chapel on the graveyard. If the hero drinks its holy water his health gets fully replenished. This can be done an infinite number of times.