This article lists the names of all people who have been involved in the creation and release of Ecstatica II.

Credits Edit

The table below lists the credits exactly as they were provided by the game's official manual.

Story And World Design Marcus Wagenführ
Animation And Characters David Lowry

Ken Doyle

Set Designs Neal Petty
Backgrounds Marcus Wagenführ
In-Game Code Ken Doyle
Additional Animations Tom O'Flaherty
Music and Sound EFX PC Music
Directed By Marcus Wagenführ
System Design And Programming Andrew Spencer
Producers Greg Duddle

Kevin Holloway

Neil Jones-Cubley

Lucy Reed

Project Manager Simon Shilleto
Product Managers Nadia Lawlor (UK)

Clemens Wangerin (Germany)

Thierry Genre (France)

Jane Hickey/Dawn Williams (Rest Of World)

Public Relations Mark Blewitt (UK)

Ingo Zaborowski (Germany)

Benoite Lavie (France)

Dana Oertell/Mark Day (US)

Quality Assurance Kevin Turner (Manager)

Jenny Newby

Lee Darbyshire

Craig Stevenson

Thomas Rees

Lee O'Connor

Master Quality Control Jonathan Wild

Mark O'Connor

Packaging And Manual Design Peter Dyke
Original Manual Text Marcus Wagenführ
Manual Editor Damon Fairclough
Manual Illustrations Andrew Sandoz
Thanks To Stephen Donaldson

Jonathan Fargher

Liz Sumner

Jeremy Gaywood

Andrea Falcone

Neil Taylor

Antonio Miscellaneo

Steve Oldcare