This article lists the names of all people who have been involved in the creation and release of Ecstatica.

Credits Edit

The table below lists the credits exactly as they were provided by the game's official manual.

Programming Andrew Spencer
Animation & Story Alain Maindron
Producer Greg Duddle
Music & Sound Effects PC Music
Sound Co-Ordination Phil Morris
Voice Characterisation Sharon Ashton

Russ Lane

Kevin McMahon

Product Manager Pat Cain
Public Relations Mark Blewitt

Glen O'Connell

Packaging & Manual Design Keith Hopwood

Hesketh Design

Packaging & Manual Words Mark Day

Huw Thomas

Playtesters Paul Charsley

Paul Holmes

Jenny Newby

Gary Nichols

System Designed By Andrew Spencer
Directed By Andrew Spencer

Alain Maindron

Illustration By Carl Critchlow